- Free distribution of accelerators!

Dear partners!

In anticipation of celebrating the semi-annual project work, we decided to launch a preliminary action. On the free distribution of accelerators. Few xnumx% per day? Get 1%, or even 2% per day!

On deposits from $ 100 will be connected accelerator 2% per day and for deposits from $ 200 will be connected accelerator 3% a day.

Rules. After replenishing the balance, please write us a letter so that we can activate your increased %. Only after you see in your account that you have an accelerator, make a deposit.

Recall, that if you make a deposit before receiving the status of increased interest, increased % will begin to apply only with the next deposit.

PS But at the same time, we do not want to bypass participants who cannot afford 100 $ deposits and higher. For them there is a special offer. Upon completion of the promotional deposit, 10% of the deposit value will be added to the last payment.

АKtion is valid only 3 of the day. Till the end of 02.04.2018

Good luck with business! Your George Douglas.

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