- Tophats Farms LLC - US registration! - Tophats Farms LLC - US registration!

Tophats Farms LLC - US Registration

What we were striving for - task number one in March 2019 of the year - came true! We finally found the future in North America, the year of preparation for the opening of an international office was not in vain, and we are pleased to announce that our business is entering the US market! 18 March we received registration documents and permission to conduct business there. This gives us the opportunity for faster growth, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the efficiency of the company's investment project. We are trying to move in accordance with the vector of development of our business model, which primarily involves the expansion of geographic coverage and sales growth.

US registration documents can be found here:

We remind you that Tophats Farms Ltd has a central office in London, United Kingdom. Here are our main production facilities. The registration certificate is on our website, as well as in the UK House Companies online catalog:

The next task we are working on is opening an Asian branch. We already have a local intra-Asian network of back offices, but we do not have a legal basis for trade as a manufacturer - now we are participating in tenders from the UK. Next month, we look forward to registering a subsidiary in Hong Kong.

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