Weekly video report 11.03.19 - 17.03.19

Behind the third week of March. Our blog monitoring left the 3 project and there is a significant addition in the form of interesting new products.

We have collected the news of the past week for you and are ready to share them with you.

Sponsor of this video report: Raedventures

Well then. We will not be unfounded and invite you to read our video report!

Projects whose news was reviewed:


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  1. Alex2601
    19.03.2019 19:50
    Yes, the designs are good, I mean, which are new, I went into three new ones, although they even without insurance, I think at least two of the three will show a decent result!
  2. 4difeer666
    19.03.2019 19:13
    Thanks for the review, lately many new and high-quality ones have appeared.
  3. Marina
    19.03.2019 19:11
    Many decent projects on the blog - it pleases, thanks for the work!
  4. Nik888
    19.03.2019 07:56
    Thanks for the video report.
  5. MrFox
    18.03.2019 20:50
    Great report, thanks!