- New stickers in telegrams. - New stickers in telegrams.

Great news for all users of the popular Telegram messenger. We are pleased to inform you that one of the partners of Bizzilion has created a unique series of corporate stickers. New pictures for your bright and emotional dialogues are already freely available in the Telegram. You can download this series of stickers right now to use them in your chat rooms:

We thank our creative partner on behalf of Bizzilion. We are glad that you participate in the development and popularization of our company. If you have interesting ideas or projects for us, be sure to write to our support team, and we will consider all offers. The Bizzilion team appreciates every contribution to our progress.

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  1. fenix55 19 March 2019 03: 33

    it's time) it is necessary for them to write to tech support, as they ask, in order not to further increase the minimum output blush
    A complaint
    1. Marina 22 March 2019 12: 55

      And it would be better to lower
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 22 March 2019 13: 01

        Now more than just the minimum salary, the sense of raising it, and the fact that before 0.0005 will lower the high chance
        A complaint
  2. Alex2601 18 March 2019 13: 02

    Now chats will become more colorful!
    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 19 March 2019 23: 28

      Yeah, but before that only the girls stickers were)
      A complaint
  3. 4difeer666 17 March 2019 23: 10

    Always paid attention to such a trifle, now only they will be in the chat)
    A complaint
  4. Marina 17 March 2019 00: 09

    Thank you for the interesting news, good stickers.
    A complaint