- New Character Mad Max.

Dear users! As promised, add a new character "Mad Max."

The time has come for larger investors (but do not be in a hurry to rejoice, Max is limited like all other characters). We picked the optimal yield for a short time.

This madman knows his stuff!

Its cost is 50000 rubles. Yield 135% for 50 days is 1350 rubles / day (or 56,25 rubles per hour). Each user can purchase only 1 characters.

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  1. fenix55
    19.03.2019 03:35
    A good step to replenish the reserve cash. let's see, I think there will be enthusiasts who buy
  2. Alex2601
    18.03.2019 13:06
    Not many will risk investing such a sum, especially since the project has been operating for a decent time!
  3. 4difeer666
    16.03.2019 18:34
    As for me a strange addition, the 5 man will buy it from the strength, and that is doubtful