- Schedule updates. - Schedule updates.

As promised, we are reporting an update schedule for the near future.

The logical continuation of our development will be the addition of new permanent + promotional characters, new sections, new opportunities for earnings.

Everything will happen according to the schedule below.

14.03 Enhance Account Security.

15.03 Add character purchase history.
16.03 Add a new permanent character.
18.03 Increase limits on Alexander Rybak.
20.03 New Character. Purchase under special conditions.
21.03 Adding new avatars.
22.03 Adding section contests.
24.03 Limit Increases for Fisherman Mikhalyk.
26.03 New Character. Purchase under special conditions.
28.03 Add Bank section.
30.03 Raise Beaver Limits.
1.04 Adding a new character.
3.04 Increasing the limits on Seagull Stealth.
5.04 Adding a new mini-game.
7.04 Increase limits on Kota Seeds.

Thank you for your confidence in the project.

Good luck!

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Комментарии (2)

  1. 4difeer666 16 March 2019 08: 53

    A brilliant administration, it’s all to count, so that the cash desk doesn’t slump much and attract investment .. Respect
    A complaint
  2. Alex2601 13 March 2019 18: 06

    The administration does not look very far into the future, but has written plans for almost a month ahead!
    A complaint