FexBet.com - Opening of the 7 office in Novosibirsk

Do not miss the opening of the FexBet 7 platform office in the capital of Siberia - the city of Novosibirsk!

We invite all partners and future partners to the event, have a good mood with you :) Personalized cake and champagne will be waiting for guests!

The grand opening will be held 12 March 2019g.

Address: Novosibirsk, ul.Nizhegorodskaya d.6a

Event start time: 15: 00 (MSK)

For questions: + 7 (913) 920-39-33 Andrew

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  1. MrFox
    11.03.2019 17:30
    The address, the phone is there - all seriously comrades!
  2. 4difeer666
    11.03.2019 13:51
    Quietly capturing the whole of Russia, I think the next town will be Krasnoyarsk
    1. Alex2601
      11.03.2019 17:30
      But I think Krasnoyarsk is overstepped as it relates to Siberia as well as Novosibirsk!
  3. Marina
    11.03.2019 12:05
    Office is a serious step in the development of the project. Like Cashberry was.
    1. fenix55
      13.03.2019 04:20
      yes here it seems the development strategy with cashbury is taken