- New character Fisherwoman Sonya.

Dear users! As promised, we add a new promotional character Fisherwoman Sonya

The character is limited both in quantity and in terms of purchase.

Its cost is 8888 rub. Yield 188% for 88 days (189,3 rubles / day). Each user can purchase only 1 fisherman. You have the opportunity to buy this character with 8.03.19g. on 18.03.19 Further it will be removed from sales.

The list of updates promised earlier was fulfilled, but our innovations do not end there.

Just the other day we will inform the new schedule of updates.

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  1. fenix55
    13.03.2019 04:21
    judging by their chat in the telegram, many bought this character
  2. Alex2601
    11.03.2019 17:34
    But what percentages are not so high, admins are literate and all sorts of different innovations attract new depot!
    1. Marina
      11.03.2019 17:54
      yes, it is clear that admins are trying and developing the project
    2. 4difeer666
      11.03.2019 17:55
      The development was thought out very well, the usual game would have been sitting in a scam for a long time
  3. 4difeer666
    11.03.2019 13:52
    In fact, the project only lives at the expense of a properly made plan, everything is perfectly calculated.
  4. Marina
    11.03.2019 12:06
    Hi and splashes with ideas and interesting