- New security trajectory.

In connection with the recent events that recorded the rapid growth in the number of DDoS attacks and full-scale attempts to penetrate the corporate network, we have made the maximum optimization of performance and increased security, as well as some forced measures to prevent any threats to the normal operation of our site.

As part of its commitment to customer service in accordance with the highest quality standards, Cointonix does its best to ensure that withdrawal requests are processed quickly and efficiently. We use advanced security and data encryption technologies to ensure the security of transactions and the storage of financial information. At the moment, the company has already embraced South America and Central Europe, Russia and the CIS countries, the number of our clients is growing exponentially, hence the number and amount of payments, too. Undoubtedly, working with so many people and with such figures, we are forced to check the same financial transaction several times, in order to avoid any mistake and to prevent fraud, and only then proceed directly to the implementation of the payment. That is why the management decided to make some changes:

✓ Starting today, requests for payment of funds will be processed within five full working days.

✓ It is possible to make a new request for withdrawal of funds for each payment system no more than once. The second application can be ordered only after processing the first one.

✓ In addition, the minimum withdrawal amount has been established for some payment systems (the current table is listed in the withdrawal section in the investor’s personal account).

✓ Also, starting today, when withdrawing funds to Visa / Mastercard credit cards, a commission of 5% is charged.

The function of transferring funds from the main account to the intermediate account of another user is available in the investor’s personal account. To organize and simplify the translation process, we created a special group in Telegrams, in which our users can discuss all the details and agree on the transfer between themselves at any time convenient for them and without additional fees.

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  1. Marina
    11.03.2019 12:09
    Ddos often get projects, if weak protection, it can destroy. Strong projects are not scary.
  2. udimka
    09.03.2019 02:04
    If such a project came out in the bu then this is the result.
    1. 4difeer666
      09.03.2019 09:07
      Given what profit he offers, then yes
  3. Alex2601
    05.03.2019 19:08
    For many projects of this type, right from the start, such working conditions are about, and then they were introduced later, let's hope for a great job!
    1. Leonidas
      05.03.2019 20:14
      We can already say that the work is great blush
      1. richmonkey
        06.03.2019 01:23
        so far they have just come out to the BU and then the crypt who came in.
        1. 4difeer666
          09.03.2019 09:06
          Well, yes, it remains a little to the BU.More 65% beat