Weekly video report 25.02.19 - 03.03.19

Welcome, dear partners! We are glad to present you the first test video from our new section “Video Reports”. We analyzed the important points that occurred last week and completed the last week of February, thus moving into the first week of spring, or rather March.

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  1. gilani18
    07.03.2019 08:49
  2. 4difeer666
    05.03.2019 13:16
    Cool and detailed report, everything is clear and specific
  3. fenix55
    05.03.2019 09:55
    It is interesting to see the news in this format. Thank you, we are waiting for further development in this section.
  4. ELEN
    05.03.2019 03:51
    Thank! Liked.
  5. Nik888
    05.03.2019 01:01
    Thanks for the video report.
  6. Marina
    04.03.2019 23:08
    I also support, it is very convenient in this format to find out about all the news. Thank!
  7. Alex2601
    04.03.2019 19:47
    I liked it, with the video information is perceived better than with the text!
  8. LegenDa
    04.03.2019 19:44
    How convenient! Thank you for such a great form of presenting information, I really liked it.
  9. MrFox
    04.03.2019 19:03
    Thanks for the video report, I looked with pleasure. Convenient and fast for investors!
  10. solo82
    04.03.2019 18:15
    Cool .... it's like watching a review of a football match .... both goals and yellow cards will show !!!! I like it for people like me "lazy" ...