MFO.Capital - Important marketing explanations.

MFO.Capital - Important marketing explanations.

Many partners have already rated marketing MFO Capital. The opportunity to take a free loan up to 60% to your deposit is used by more and more investors. But still there are questions related to the loan that go to the support service. What interests our investors:

1. The partner created a deposit, then took a loan. Then I decided to add my deposit, is there a percentage of the new amount added to the loan? NOT. The loan is taken once on the rate at which the partner is located, and on the amount that is currently on the deposit.

2. What to do if the partner did not understand the intricacies of the loan, took it for a small amount at the start, then decided to replenish the deposit with a larger amount, but it’s impossible to borrow for this additional amount? There are several solutions!

- You can make an amount that will allow the partner to move to a higher rate. And already on this rate to take a new loan. Since marketing allows you to borrow at every rate. But only in the event that the first taken loan worked for 40 days and closed. With an active loan, the second loan, even if the investor has switched to a higher rate, cannot be obtained.

- If the depositor made a small deposit in rubles, took a loan, then decided to replenish the deposit, but he could not borrow a loan for an additional amount. In this situation, the investor can open a deposit in dollars and take a loan already on a dollar deposit. Ruble and dollar deposits and loans are not related either. You can take a loan both in rubles and in dollars even at one rate.

- It is also always possible to register a new account, deposit the required amount and take a loan. But we must remember that an investor can have any number of accounts, but they should not be linked by referral link.

Many questions about making payment details. The procedure for making such.

- Details are made by a partner without restrictions when you first visit your personal account. On subsequent visits, this will not be possible.

- Payment details are entered automatically when the balance is replenished, except for bank cards and advcash.

- You can enter all the details you need through online support on the site. To do this, you will need a screen to pay the deposit from the office of your payment system. This is necessary for the safety of your funds. Our security system eliminates hacking accounts of partners and withdrawing funds from their accounts.

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  1. Marina 4 March 2019 23: 07

    Thank you for explaining everything in detail, I have already used this additional feature, I hope the project will work well.
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  2. Alex2601 3 March 2019 18: 45

    This project has some kind of zest, maybe this loan, you don’t often see it, I see it for the first time in the HYIP!
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    1. udimka 9 March 2019 02: 07

      I wonder how, in practice, this chip will work.
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