- Bitcoin Cash has been added.

Bizzilion regularly expands the list of currencies available on the platform. And today we are pleased to inform you about the replenishment of Bitcoin Cash. Make deposits and withdraw funds in one of the most reliable cryptocurrencies, which is very popular in all corners of the world.

Now you have the opportunity to increase capital in Bitcoin Cash without intermediary operations. Low commissions, simple payments, stability are just some of the characteristics of this currency. Use your features on 100% with Bizzilion.

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  1. Alex2601
    03.03.2019 18:37
    Admin continues to introduce innovations, should still please us projector!
    1. Marina
      04.03.2019 23:09
      I hope so too, I want to work longer.
  2. 4difeer666
    02.03.2019 12:59
    Another cryptocurrency, but I think after adding a litter, they didn’t really add investors, still not quite popular crypts for investors
  3. udimka
    02.03.2019 02:35
    Watching the project more and more crypt connects, I wonder if Fiat will be.
    1. 4difeer666
      02.03.2019 13:00
      I think when they open all the crypts that they have in their plans, Fiat will also pick it up, especially when blogs are actively used.
      1. Alex2601
        04.03.2019 19:33
        I think so too, only it seems to me to invest will be too late when the Fiat is opened!
    2. Marina
      04.03.2019 23:10
      Fiat is usually added to dobro on this term of work, but this is purely my opinion, judging by personal experience.