FexBet.com - Limited Project Offer!

Good day, partners, investors and friends! Good morning everyone, have a nice day and good mood. Who plans to enter this project, from now on and up to 28.02.2019 20: 00 on MSK, there will be bonuses for the total amount of deposits up to 3000 $.

  • Contribution 500 $ bonus 35 $
  • Contribution 1000 $ bonus 80 $
  • Contribution 2000 $ bonus 180 $
  • Contribution 3000 $ bonus 300 $

You get a bonus immediately to your wallet, and also order a refback via the form on the blog!

Contact strictly on our office. contacts

Telegram: @richmonkey_biz

VK: vk.com/richmonkey_feedback

E-mail: admin@richmonkey.biz

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  1. Nik888
    28.02.2019 22:39
    Quote: richmonkey
    No longer relevant, bonuses taken away!

    Yes, fast, however.
  2. abdulov
    28.02.2019 11:52
    The project is powerful!
  3. richmonkey
    28.02.2019 00:10
    UPD. No longer relevant, bonuses taken away!

    PS At the moment there is vnutryanka on 400 $, our awards for the obtained levels, accruals go to the bonus account, from which you can create an investment or sell a vnutryankoy another.

    FexBet.com - Moderate balanced marketing with floating interest from 0.8% to 1.2% per day, the deposit works until doubling, on reaching profit in + 100 % the plan closes. Moderate non-flashing refka cash desk, only from the accruals of your structure. Career payments only on the reinvest account. This marketing is probably mathematically the best for stability today.

    Who wants to go to 400 $ write (start from 100 $), you have the opportunity to replenish without commissions. I will accept payment in $ - payeer, pm, adv or rubles - payeer, adv, qiwi, banks.

    We write on our office. contacts
    1. fenix55
      28.02.2019 04:46
      Really visible second cashbury. once bonuses for such amounts were quickly taken away
      1. 4difeer666
        01.03.2019 00:18
        Would make a dep yet, but set other goals
  4. Leonidas
    27.02.2019 11:57
    Chet did not understand ... is it a bonus from a blog or a project?
    1. richmonkey
      27.02.2019 12:26
      From us, if we make a turn, we get 1 numbers above the bonus.

      In general, the project has a well-thought-out affiliate program, bonuses cannot be withdrawn directly, you can transfer bonuses to another person who wants to make a deposit or do it yourself.

      + There is no load on the ref program, there are accruals of profit, and not a deposit.
      1. LegenDa
        28.02.2019 22:11
        Indeed, with such an affiliate ticket office does not suffer much
        1. 4difeer666
          01.03.2019 00:19
          Well, it affects, but with such percentages that it counts and does not affect
  5. MrFox
    27.02.2019 11:46
    With such amounts, not everyone will be able to operate. But the project looks good, I think it will be the second Cashberry.
    1. udimka
      02.03.2019 02:36
      Loani is also promising.
  6. Marina
    27.02.2019 11:41
    The project is very high quality made, and such bonuses in his case does not harm, but rather pull the clientele.