- Subtotals + 315% net profit!


Another anniversary! Kriptovik do not cease to please us. Since posting on the blog has been more than 125 days during this time it was possible to triple your deposit and earn up to 315% net income, with our bonus + 5%. TOPnew leader of our portfolio. Incredible results!

We remind you that this is a piggy bank - the deposit can be withdrawn in ANY moment, a great moment is the function of early withdrawal of the deposit after 24 hours since the creation of the deposit with a commission of 10%, almost ABSOLUTE FREEDOM for the investor! All successful and profitable investment!

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  1. Nik888
    28.02.2019 22:51
    Up to 315% net profit - excellent results.
  2. Marina
    26.02.2019 23:23
    Yes, crypto workers work much better. Hope and new items will not fail as well.
    1. udimka
      28.02.2019 01:37
      During the recession of the crypt, I noticed such a tendency, with such works as I don’t want until the rise in cryptocurrency prices.