Tophats.Farm - The project has acquired branding on the blog.

We transfer funds from advertising to insurance fund and now he is up 1000$. Investing is even safer! Our blog offers a great opportunity to earn everyone!

A promising middle-income project from a foreign admin. Made qualitatively, not only in terms of technical training, but also the elaboration of the legend of activity, content, documentation. Attractive and workable marketing. On Russian blogs, there is little where you meet, imprisoned for a foreign investor, there are a lot of chats in different languages ​​that open gradually, including Russian The project has become an excellent option for portfolio diversification.

We, in turn, have already passed one investment circle according to the premium plan, which is calculated on the 22 of the day with daily accrual on 7%, in total we earned + 54% net income.

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  1. Alex2601
    26.02.2019 14:55
    Deposits actively flew into the project after this news!
    1. Marina
      26.02.2019 23:30
      yes, already scary. I hope the admin will pull us.
  2. LegenDa
    26.02.2019 08:41
    What a great news! Decent project

    also decided so, after the end of the circle I will continue
  3. Dim69
    25.02.2019 19:01
    Undoubtedly, the news is pleasant, it would be good for the project to work and give not a lot of extra work.
  4. fenix55
    25.02.2019 15:11
    I am also getting profit from this project. I think I'll come back, since there is development
  5. 4difeer666
    25.02.2019 14:34
    Great news, after a few days 6-7 will reinvest
  6. MrFox
    25.02.2019 13:02
    Make a deposit to the project 25.02.19 09: 36 Transfer Sent Payment: 50.00 USD to account U17902413 from U14000189. Batch: 247884270. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to Tophats Farms - Even Chickens Recommend Us! User MrFox.
    1. Marina
      25.02.2019 15:11
      A great choice to start working with a blog, profit to you!
      1. 4difeer666
        25.02.2019 15:13
        Better probably only ccc8
    2. LegenDa
      26.02.2019 08:41
      profit to you!
  7. Marina
    25.02.2019 13:02
    Great news! Thanks to the blog!
  8. MrFox
    25.02.2019 12:48
    Perhaps I will start working with a blog from this project. Good news in my opinion.
    1. Marina
      25.02.2019 13:01
      The project shows solid performance and good results.
      1. 4difeer666
        25.02.2019 14:35
        The first depositors on 200 $ have been sitting in profit for a long time, and they seem to reinvest
        1. Marina
          25.02.2019 15:10
          There are many reinvestments and the amounts are good. The project is definitely great.
          1. 4difeer666
            25.02.2019 15:15
            The main thing is that there is still no active phase, which will soon begin.
            1. Marina
              25.02.2019 15:30
              Yes, on many blogs the project is not yet exposed. This is a plus.
          2. truck23
            26.02.2019 13:06
            The amounts are good, this is not the right word) I am still in the vatsap group, there the dude threw off a screenshot of his office. Deposit him-30 000 $)) even about 15 already brought)
            1. Marina
              26.02.2019 23:31
              really it is real and the admin tolerates grin