- Schedule new updates.

Dear investors!

We continue to work steadily and delight you with constant payments. As promised, we are posting a schedule of new updates for the next 15 days (some of them are global, very labor-intensive, have been developed for a long time).

The logical continuation of our development will be the addition of new promotional characters, new sections, new opportunities for earnings.

Everything will happen according to the schedule below (deviations on 1 day are possible).

22.02.2019 Adding a new section of Books.
23.02.2019 Adding a new character.
25.02.2019 Opens the possibility of withdrawing money in the cryptocurrency.
26.02.2019 Adding New Jobs to the Bounty Section
27.02.2019 Adding a new button on the main "Video about us"
1.03.2019 New spring design project.
5.03.2019 Opportunity to exchange funds in your account.
8.03.2019 New Promotional Character

Many of us tried to hang up the standard labels “it is fast” “slag”, etc. We think that we have already proved our worth and our intentions!

We hope for your support in the form of reinvestments and promotion of the project to the masses.

It will be even more interesting and profitable!

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  1. Alex2601
    23.02.2019 21:29
    And I have already decided, I will reinvest the initial deposit until the project closes!
  2. 4difeer666
    22.02.2019 22:02
    The game is some kind of eternal, I have never regretted that I did a reinvest, I think I will do it in another week
  3. Marina
    22.02.2019 21:42
    Thanks for the news, the project continues to evolve, great!