MFO.Capital - What is a loan?

1. BORROWING is a way to increase the return on investor’s investment by 40 days.

How it works. The partner enters the first STANDARD tariff 1.5% per day, investing, for example, 100 $. He can borrow 40% of his deposit and now 140 $ on his deposit. If we calculate the daily payments from the invested own funds and the taken deposit and put them together, it turns out that the yield from the invested 100 $ rises to 2.1% per day. Now the return on investment becomes faster, which increases the attractiveness for the investor. After 40 days, LOAN ceases to make a profit, and the investor begins to receive 1,5% from the invested 100 $. For this bonus, the partner does not pay any interest and contributions, it is free!

Further, the investor decides to increase his deposit, for example, up to 1000 $ and switch to the “Favorable” 1.7% tariff per day. Now he can take the LOAN again, but already 50% to his deposit. He has 1500 $ in his account and gets 2,55% on his 1000 $ for 40 days.

He will be able to do the same by switching to the third tariff “MAXIMUM” and instead of 1.9% receive 3.04% per day for 40 days, taking the LOAN already 60% to the deposit.

We advise you to consider a strategy for borrowing! It is most advantageous to accumulate the maximum amount on the deposit and after that take a loan. Since there will be only three opportunities to take a loan, once at each of the three tariffs. It is necessary to make the most of this opportunity.

2. Hiring is balanced and profitable marketing.

What does an investor need in the first place? This is a return on your own investment and a long-term perspective on investment earnings. Bringing this opportunity. Investors quickly pay off on any tariff by taking a BORROW, they are motivated to switch to a higher tariff, because with the help of the LOAN, the payback and profitability of a deposit at a higher tariff increases and becomes more and more attractive.

For a company, LOAN is an important component of balanced marketing. After the partner quickly pays off, BORN finishes work and the interest on payments decreases. That guarantees a more rational use of the company's budget. Which does not mean that the attractiveness of tariffs is reduced, it remains quite profitable up to 1.9% per day.

BORROWING is a kind of bonus that solves many problems for investors and companies.

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  1. 4difeer666
    22.02.2019 22:01
    Increase profits cool theme, in the end a normal percentage goes
  2. Marina
    22.02.2019 21:40
    Good reception was invented for new investors, if only it worked in practice!
  3. Lavr
    21.02.2019 16:37
    Good thing) You go to the project, make a deposit, make out a loan and 40 days is a good addition to payments! It remains only to accumulate funds for the transition to a higher level to request a new loan! Profit to everyone, payments come instantly, the project disposes of itself from the best side!