FexBet.com - Platform development plans for the entire 2019 year

Dear friends, we present to your attention the plans for the development of the FexBet platform for the entire 2019 year.

3 November 2018. Platform start

2 February 2019. The first office of the Fexbet platform opened

Spring 2019g. Creating Leadership Council

15 April 2019 Start office program

Summer 2019g. Leadership platform in Moscow

Summer 2019g. Brand store Fexbet with attributes in Moscow and delivery in the Russian Federation

Autumn 2019 First all-Russian tour of 10 trainers to the largest cities of Russia

3 November 2019. One year platform. Main objectives: More than 100000 players in a tote. No less than 25-open offices of Fexbet in Russia and the CIS

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  1. Alex2601
    19.02.2019 19:17
    Essentially, as for the company, the plans are not small, but I think all the same are feasible, wait and see!