09.02.19 Offline Blog News Digest

Welcome, dear partners! For general development, it was decided to start a new column “Out of monitoring”, in which we will tell you about interesting updates that are not on our monitoring blog.

Interesting news "Out of monitoring"

During this period, we did not observe interesting novelties.

We track "Out of monitoring"

cryptofutures.cc(Start 24.01.19) - already two weeks of work and work continues. We continue to follow the project.

[Current tariff plans: 3.87% per day on 30 days | Min contribution:10 $ | Bonus from us: 3.5%]

exo-2277.me (Start 25.01.19) - the project appeared on our blog-monitoring: Review.

[Current tariff plans: 110% through 10 days / 3% per day on 50 days / 4% per day on 40 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

investwith.win (Start 26.01.19) - + 14.4% profit for 9 days. Partizan shows good results. We continue the observation.

[Current tariff plans: 101.6% through 1 day / 2.5% per day on 15 days / 109% through 9 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 1.5%]

4coins.biz (Start 24.01.19) - smooth development of the partisan. Great activity is not observed.

[Current tariff plans: 101.6% through 1 day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 0.5%]

ccc8.co (Start 19.05.18) - the project appeared on our blog-monitoring: Review.

[Current tariff plans: 1% per day on 10 days / 3.33% per day on 60 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 3.5%]

investcentre.biz (Start 05.05.18) - was recently changed and, apparently, there is an insider because the deposits are large here.

[Current tariff plans: 104% through 1 day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

crowdmining.org (Start 02.02.19) - an interesting idea with CMCoin, but no more. You should not perceive the coin as held cryptocurrency. In fact, we have a domain on 10 for years, the original design and the used content. Minimal to the conclusion is quite high - 4.5 $. There is a commission for the input and output of 2%. The advertising company started quite actively. It will be interesting to watch.
[Current tariff plans: 3% per day on 50 working days | Min contribution: 9 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

lemongram.pro (Start 04.02.19) - a fairly long repayment of the deposit. Payments are made once on Wednesdays. How many players will participate in this? Promotion, in fact, not yet.
[Current tariff plans: 1.75% per day on 100 days / 1.85% per day on 100 days | Min contribution: 15 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

Unpromising 06.02.19 - 09.02.19 Innovations

In this section, we note the new items, which, in our opinion, without any prospects, and we believe that they will work little or not at all:


Latest scams

forgebit.io - a similar result was expected. 3 day work.

nano8.biz - 6 days of work, demonstrated a poor result.

leckerbit.com - Partisan worked 85 days. The result is quite sane, but still no one waited for the rebranding.

atlanticoil.biz - the first players had the opportunity to get 18 circles on the 103% tariff plan through 1 day. We believe that there was shown an excellent result.

bit2xp.com - with such marketing worked very poorly.

Our personal TOP-3 investment for "Beyond Monitoring"

  1. investcentre.biz;
  2. cryptofutures.cc;
  3. crowdmining.org;

At this point, our review of new products "out of monitoring" came to an end.

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  1. solo82
    11.02.2019 23:29
    I decided to invest in investcentre.biz for a minimum of 10 $ for 10 days ..... try .....
  2. 4difeer666
    11.02.2019 13:31
    Slug like a machine gun: 02.11.19 05: 44 1.45 USD Receive + 1.45 Received Payment 17522123 USD from account U18183296 to account U246066826. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: API Payment. It is a pity that it is not in the digest
  3. Marina
    11.02.2019 13:28
    BitRush pays fast! The amount of 1.21 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17522123-> U12409199. Memo: API Payment .. Date: 19:34 10.02.19. Batch: 246035357.
    The amount of 1.39 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17522123-> U12409199. Memo: API Payment .. Date: 08:38 11.02.19/246081902/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX.
    1. Dilshod
      11.02.2019 15:00
      What kind of project? Almost everywhere they talk about him
      1. 4difeer666
        11.02.2019 17:02
        Piggy bank, it seems to be from a top admin, about whom they do not believe that it is him, but this is not certain)
      2. Marina
        11.02.2019 18:22
        I really liked the project, I hope it will work at least half from the previous
  4. solarscream
    11.02.2019 09:58
    Payments from the BitRush project:

    02.11.19 06: 18 Account Receive +1.35 Received Payment 1.35 USD from account U17522123 to account U165 **** 1. Batch: 246069091. Memo: API Payment.

    02.09.19 22: 38 Account Receive +1.23 Received Payment 1.23 USD from account U17522123 to account U165 **** 1. Batch: 245943428. Memo: API Payment.
  5. Alex2601
    10.02.2019 22:40
    Thanks for the information provided, we are waiting for new products for all to see!
  6. Lavr
    10.02.2019 15:52
    And again payment from Ccc8:
    Date Completed Date Today, 12: 50 PerfectMoney Payment System
    Sum 0.100000 USD Beneficiary Account U17999643
    Batch Number 245994333 Note Invoice #2457, Lavr
  7. 4difeer666
    10.02.2019 09:59
    What mcd say was blown away, well, that never came to him
    1. Marina
      10.02.2019 19:38
      Yes, scam there.
      1. 4difeer666
        10.02.2019 19:42
        Thank God, I honestly wanted to go today, tomorrow, I was lucky
        1. Marina
          11.02.2019 13:30
          Yes, lucky in that case!
  8. 4difeer666
    09.02.2019 23:50
    Platinum continues to work well. I'm looking to mcd, I can come in the near future
    1. Marina
      10.02.2019 19:39
      and what is this project?
      1. 4difeer666
        10.02.2019 19:41
        investcentre, I do not like these
        1. Marina
          11.02.2019 13:31
          thanks for the information. Take a closer look. There, of course, such deposits are digested, if not panache.
          1. 4difeer666
            11.02.2019 13:32
            For this admin is not the first time to do it, I think more will work
        2. Dilshod
          11.02.2019 15:02
          Well, that did not go
  9. Marina
    09.02.2019 23:40
    Thanks for the next HYIP review outside the blog. atlanticoil.biz worked perfectly, I agree, she reeled in several laps there.