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Good day to all!

A massive blocking of groups of blogs and HYP monitoring of VC began, today it also affected our group and many other partners.

We know that the majority of the audience used VK group. We, in turn, wrote in support, to find out the reason for the blocking, but as practice shows, blocking is most likely forever.

There is a thought to try to massively apply for support, asking for the unlocking of the group, but only you, the readership of our blog, can help us with this.

As a result, we conduct a survey in telegram channel.

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  1. Dilshod
    11.02.2019 15:38
    is there a new band?
    1. richmonkey
      12.02.2019 13:14
      No, and most likely will not, everything in the cart. VC blocks new groups for others.
  2. truck23
    06.02.2019 05:21
    Rich, do not try to pay this goat, let this nedohaker try in vain !!!
    For my part, I promise to write where you say
    1. richmonkey
      06.02.2019 12:01
      We did not write, and no one will pay, it all depends on the support of VC.

      Already almost everyone has been blocked, apparently all groups with HYIPs will be blocked, everything is transferred to a cart, it is convenient and quick to receive information!
      1. LegenDa
        07.02.2019 08:42
        Sorry for the group, but apparently your decision is the only right at the moment
  3. Dimon
    05.02.2019 13:05
    create a new society under a different name, you can closed
    1. Lavr
      05.02.2019 14:12
      Always go ahead! Once there is an opportunity to create a new one, then we create one. If possible, closed, so much the better - the main thing is that it works.
      1. 4difeer666
        05.02.2019 16:31
        I agree, closed groups are probably less likely to check, after all, it is closed
    2. fenix55
      06.02.2019 09:30
      Is there any sense now? if they have an order from the controlling authorities to close everything related to high-risk investments, it is unlikely that the new group will last long
      1. 4difeer666
        06.02.2019 09:53
        Well, knowing the administration of VC, they themselves would not have begun to do anything, look at the screenshot below, they are helped by fraudsters
        1. fenix55
          07.02.2019 02:08
          Do you really think that this shkolota blocked all groups and if they pay everything will work out? all the VC administration blocked, and these bad guys just want to cash in on the problems of other people. and if someone sends them the money they want, they will simply disappear and go buy cookies)
      2. Marina
        06.02.2019 11:37
        Yes, it will be a shame if the new group is also blocked.
        1. 4difeer666
          06.02.2019 14:18
          Yes, much more offensive than this, there are so many reviews, posts
  4. richmonkey
    05.02.2019 10:05
    Here such letters were thrown off to us by other monitors.

    1. Marina
      05.02.2019 11:02
      And so this is some kind of freak complained about the special attendants wanted. Well, he definitely shouldn’t pay, where is the guarantee that he will not be pressed again.
      1. 4difeer666
        05.02.2019 16:29
        Well then just go to the telegram, there it will be more difficult to do.
    2. Alex2601
      05.02.2019 14:22
      And what if this administration screen VC send does not help unlock?
      1. truck23
        06.02.2019 05:18
        Absolutely agree, collect all the screenshots with extortion and send in support. Let these boobies see what they have done by believing some illiterate bastard.
    3. fenix55
      06.02.2019 09:26
      eh .. Russia) as always, especially cunning on someone else's misfortune decided angry
    4. LegenDa
      07.02.2019 08:40
      Wow!!! Brazen extortion for some, you can not succumb to blackmail
  5. 4difeer666
    05.02.2019 09:54
    Yesterday I noticed more, of course I am for unlocking, it will be much easier with a group
  6. Marina
    05.02.2019 09:28
    Unpleasant news, to say the least. All that depends on us, we will gladly do it, if only it would help!
  7. Leonidas
    05.02.2019 09:25
    Unlock only through death bald
  8. Dim69
    05.02.2019 09:10
    Well, sometimes it happens, you won't be nice to everyone ... Foam will come down and everything will get better, the dog barks - the caravan moves on. Rich is my voice with you too.
  9. Alex2601
    05.02.2019 08:13
    It is a pity, such an interesting and convenient group was, but it can by all efforts turn out to return it!
  10. LegenDa
    05.02.2019 07:42
    Shaped disgrace, of course, voted, ready to support the blog as soon as possible