- The Gippo Miners project has acquired branding on a blog on 2 of the month.

We transfer funds from advertising to insurance fund and now he is up 1000 $. Investing is even safer! Our blog offers a great opportunity to earn everyone!

In our opinion, we are faced with a clean foreigner on cuts, and not in quotes, as is often the case :) In terms of technology and performance, it was made simple, uninformative, but as they say, the main thing is to develop, work for a long time and bring us profit. Moderate and working marketing for long-term work. There is a chat with foreign public, YouTube channel and prepared video presentations and reviews from foreigners who are already walking in search engines.

You can go and test. Cryptovics have been very attracted to us lately, since such projects have been working for quite a long time, we have plans to increase our deposit, and we will watch the development. Who has not bought a crypt in a recession, there is still time! The project will be an excellent option for portfolio diversification.

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  1. Dilshod
    11.02.2019 15:41
    Was it that after buying a substrate on a blog, did the project get bogged down?
  2. LegenDa
    07.02.2019 08:46
    Great news! A solid amount does not hurt in the insurance fund, and now it is not so scary to invest. Another would be to minimize the withdrawal
  3. Marina
    05.02.2019 14:17
    I made a deposit, I hope the admin will work well.
  4. 4difeer666
    05.02.2019 09:52
    For a project that has just started working, the conditions are just perfect, I assume that during development the minimum salary for withdrawal will be reduced, and then the project will simply be a bomb
  5. Leonidas
    05.02.2019 09:30
    As a rule, if the project acquires a substrate for the blog, then this time works. You can go one lap
    1. 4difeer666
      05.02.2019 09:48
      With such insurance, the credibility of the project increases, and if investors trust the project, if the admin is not an idiot, he can give a lot
    2. Dilshod
      14.02.2019 14:30
      Can't they just simply scum after buying a substrate?
  6. Marina
    05.02.2019 09:26
    And here's the news arrived. Thank you, this is really awesome news - you can go at the start with such a cool insurance. But, nevertheless, the project is more suitable for large deposits, because the minimum salary for withdrawal is tall. And personally, I love more airs, so if in the near future they appear, then I’ll go into the project.
  7. Alex2601
    05.02.2019 08:26
    Cool news, I registered it right away as it appeared on the blog, but the dep has not done it yet, but I will probably have time, it is planned, as I think, a long job!
  8. LegenDa
    05.02.2019 08:02
    I have already registered, the project has caused confidence, but the minimum salary on the conclusion is terrible, of course
    1. 4difeer666
      06.02.2019 14:35
      Minimal is almost sure to be reduced, after all at the beginning of the project it has always been like this.
  9. fenix55
    05.02.2019 04:11
    Advertising is great, but the minimum salary on the output spoils all the impressions of this project. few are willing to go for large sums and few are willing to wait for the minimum up to 20 days if they make small deposits. it would be nice if the project admins thought and did some work in this direction.
    1. Marina
      05.02.2019 09:23
      that's for sure, totally agree that the minimal salary on the output spoils the whole picture. It is seen that the admin wants large deposits, but not everyone can afford them.
      1. 4difeer666
        06.02.2019 14:35
        Good admins are played with large-grained ones, so let's check what this is capable of, and I think the minimum salary will fall in the course of the month in times of 2
  10. udimka
    05.02.2019 02:34
    Kriptovik really really happy now, I hope this project does not disappoint, but I still watch him. Maybe later all the same I decide to deposit.