04.02.19 Offline Blog News Digest

Welcome, dear partners! For general development, it was decided to start a new column “Out of monitoring”, in which we will tell you about interesting updates that are not on our monitoring blog.

Interesting news "Out of monitoring"

crowdmining.org (Start 02.02.19) - an interesting idea with CMCoin, but no more. You should not perceive the coin as held cryptocurrency. In fact, we have a domain on 10 for years, the original design and the used content. Minimal to the conclusion is quite high - 4.5 $. There is a commission for the input and output of 2%. The advertising company started quite actively. It will be interesting to watch.
[Current tariff plans: 3% per day on 50 working days | Min contribution: 9 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

mcd-fund.ltd (Start 03.02.19) - among the new products more or less normal option. Marketing with turnaround plans. Admin is targeting 100 $ depot. Watching the construction of the advertising company.

[Current tariff plans: 5% per day on 30 days / 6% per day on 25 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 3.5%]

We track "Out of monitoring"

atlanticoil.biz (Start 19.01.19) - + 45% profit gives a project to those who came from the very start. Excellent results for 15 work days. Work continues in normal mode. We did not expect such work from this project.

[Current tariff plans: 103% through 1 day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 1.5%]

cryptofutures.cc(Start 24.01.19) - advertising resources, at the moment, very little. We observe how further development will take place.

[Current tariff plans: 3.87% per day on 30 days | Min contribution:10 $ | Bonus from us: 3.5%]

neuronic.biz (Start 05.01.19) - the project took several advertising resources and, in general, continues to demonstrate performance.

[Current tariff plans: 3% per day on 60 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

exo-2277.me (Start 25.01.19) - 10 days work. During the day should be the return of deposits on the first tariff plan.

[Current tariff plans: 110% through 10 days / 3% per day on 50 days / 4% per day on 40 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

investwith.win (Start 26.01.19) - + 14.4% profit for 9 days. Partizan shows good results. We continue the observation.

[Current tariff plans: 101.6% through 1 day / 2.5% per day on 15 days / 109% through 9 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 1.5%]

4coins.biz (Start 24.01.19) - smooth development of the partisan. Great activity is not observed.

[Current tariff plans: 101.6% through 1 day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 0.5%]

bitnerves.io (Start 27.01.19) - the first week passed and the first had the opportunity to get + 50% profit. The site has been translated into Thai and Indonesian.

[Current tariff plans: 10% per day on 13 working days | Min contribution: 25 $ | Bonus from us: 3%]

ccc8.co (Start 19.05.18) - a significant period of work behind his back in the shade. How to manage it? The site design is of a high level and very interesting.

[Current tariff plans: 1% per day on 10 days / 3.33% per day on 60 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 3.5%]

investcentre.biz (Start 05.05.18) - was recently changed and, apparently, there is an insider because the deposits are large here.

[Current tariff plans: 104% through 1 day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

nano8.biz (Start 31.01.19) - the site is prepared at a high level and the equipment is in order. The only thing that matters to marketing. The investment proposal is constructed in such a way that the admin hints at deposits on the second tariff plan.

[Current tariff plans: 8% per day on 18 days / 8% per day on 8 days | Min contribution: 8 $ | Bonus from us: 2%]

Unpromising 02.01.19 - 04.01.19 Innovations

In this section, we note the new items, which, in our opinion, without any prospects, and we believe that they will work little or not at all:

potentinv.com, invexchain.com, grubstakefunds.co, cryptoghost.biz, fismoney.com, supercrypto.biz, fairza.com, aventador-project.com, cryptowealth.cc.

Latest scams


depositcase.biz - after rebranding work about anything.

gemneon.io - turned off instant. The first could stretch to breakeven. The last few days, an e-mail message arrived with a message about a reduction in the minimum deposit amount to the second place.

varionfund.com - Partisan, who worked smartly. 53 day work.

coinguard.biz - were not mistaken with the fact that they demolished the project in fast track in the last digest. 3 day work.

private-shares.com - rather weak result for such marketing. 55 days of work, taking into account the fact that interest was calculated exclusively on working days.

calcuvis.biz - noted the project as unpromising, but it was possible to play. Active promotion began in recent days. Turnovers were quite good. Admin did not leave at the peak, already good. 12 work days.

Our personal TOP-5 investment for "Beyond Monitoring"

  1. neuronic.biz.
  2. investcentre.biz;
  3. atlanticoil.biz;
  4. bitnerves.io;
  5. auto-pay.biz;

At this point, our review of new products "out of monitoring" came to an end.

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  1. Lavr
    06.02.2019 09:00
    Ccc8 pays:
    Date today, 05: 58 Payment system PerfectMoneyQR CODE
    Amount 0.100000 USD Beneficiary AccountU179 ***** Batch-number 245512001
    Note Invoice #1047, Lavr
  2. gilew455
    06.02.2019 07:37
    Hello everyone, I want to write recently that there was a project on the monitor to lab-dac yesterday, he was already on another monitor and was working quietly with other plans for himself. logged in under the old password that we in riche invested in and the balance was empty and the project started 2 numbers all in it is the same duck here these admins have now collected cash and closed now elsewhere they are collecting the proof screen
    Warn children of your acquaintances who are in this industry so that they do not read it thanks to everyone who read before
    1. Marina
      06.02.2019 17:14
      nothing sacred, thank you for sharing information about this underadmin and his "project"
      1. 4difeer666
        06.02.2019 18:51
        Yeah, I noticed, too, came the mailing, said that he was recovering the loss in the past, and puts it on the dep.
        1. Marina
          06.02.2019 20:58
          But, I suppose you need to make another deposit, and not just that loss.
          1. 4difeer666
            06.02.2019 21:02
            He said nothing is needed, just put a dep, I have a small loss, before checking for a long time
    2. Dilshod
      11.02.2019 15:20
      Useful information. Their admin here also talked with investors
  3. 4difeer666
    05.02.2019 22:47
    Payout with ccc8 (instant): 02.05.19 19: 29 Account Receive + 0.66 Received Payment 0.66 USD from account to account U15826213. Batch: 18183296. Memo: API Payment. Invoice 245480026, 973difeer4.
  4. Lavr
    05.02.2019 09:22
    Ccc8 pays regularly:
    Status Completed Today, 06: 20 PerfectMoney Payment System
    QR CODE Sum 0.100000 USD Beneficiary account U179 *****
    Batch Number 245392558 Note Invoice #815, Lavr
  5. LegenDa
    05.02.2019 07:47
    The investment center, of course, has interested many, it is going confidently for now, I hope that it will be so for a long time. Variofund fulfilled with dignity
  6. udimka
    05.02.2019 02:37
    ССС8 is an unusual and interesting design. Thinking can go into it. Lures)
  7. 4difeer666
    04.02.2019 22:03
    Auto-pay went to scam today
  8. Leonidas
    04.02.2019 21:56
    Сrowdmining is an interesting project, but the commission for input, output
  9. Nik888
    04.02.2019 21:11
    auto-pay - payment in waiting is gone.
    1. Dilshod
      04.02.2019 23:27
      Already a project
      1. 4difeer666
        05.02.2019 22:59
        Bitnerves also went to scam
  10. Marina
    04.02.2019 17:28
    Thanks for the fresh digest! Crowdmining where many appeared. Atlanticoil is simply a great result, I didn’t expect it either.