- Subtotals + 250% net profit!


ANNIVERSARY! Since posting on the blog has been more than 100 days, during this time it was possible to earn up to 250% net income, with our bonus + 5%. TOPnew leader of our portfolio. Incredible results!

We remind you that this is a piggy bank - the deposit can be withdrawn in ANY moment, a great moment is the function of early withdrawal of the deposit after 24 hours since the creation of the deposit with a commission of 10%, almost ABSOLUTE FREEDOM for the investor! All successful and profitable investment!

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  1. Dilshod
    11.02.2019 16:38
    Great project. I wish profit to investors
  2. evkonti
    31.01.2019 22:33
    And what .. can it really be a long-playing highpik?
    Maybe even take a chance and play it? Rich will not give us offense!
    1. udimka
      01.02.2019 01:52
      If there would be insurance, then I think they would still take risks.
      1. 4difeer666
        01.02.2019 06:33
        I agree, if there was at least some kind of insurance I also went in, I just really don’t want to lose the crypt
        1. udimka
          28.02.2019 01:37
          Yes, digital gold is more unpleasant for me to lose.
  3. Alex2601
    31.01.2019 21:57
    Every time I decided to invest in a project, I thought it was too late here and every time I was wrong, and now I don’t know, but the deadline is already specific!
    1. udimka
      01.02.2019 01:50
      And imagine if you still give percent 150)
      1. 4difeer666
        10.02.2019 20:43
        I think now many people will return to it, which will prolong the life of the project.
  4. Marina
    31.01.2019 21:52
    excellent result! It is a pity that I missed this opportunity, but now it’s dangerous to enter.
    1. udimka
      01.02.2019 01:51
      So I myself look at him licking myself, it was necessary to miss him.
    2. fenix55
      04.02.2019 04:52
      like you really a lot. There are a lot of long-running projects on the blog, which I did not go to at the start, now I bite my elbows)
      1. udimka
        28.02.2019 01:36
        So here and the percentage of attractive, I love these and for some reason missed.