- Opening date of the first Bounty 4.02.2019 bonuses.

Dear partners, very soon we will launch for you our Bounty the program. This is an additional income due to the promotion of our playground on the Internet.

Opening date of the first Bounty 4.02.2019 bonuses

There will be 5 additional bonuses that can be received many times!

YouTube promotion

Promotion on blogs and information resources (sites)

Promotion in social networks

Promotion in channels and chat rooms Telegram

Posting promotion (forums, reviews on our website and VK group)

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  1. Marina
    04.02.2019 12:01
    Today added YouTube for bounty. Need to make a video. I'll wait for the posting for now - the opening of the 10.02 bude.
  2. udimka
    31.01.2019 02:32
    I look at the site for detailed conditions for implementation.
  3. Marina
    30.01.2019 18:22
    I will participate in the bounty, I love this thing.
  4. Alex2601
    30.01.2019 18:06
    Entering Bounty programs into projects is like opening a second wind for further work of the HYIP!