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What does the term hyip mean?

HYIPs position themselves as investment projects that offer everyone who wants to contribute to the project and quickly increase their capital.

HYIP or HYIP projects are the most profitable, but also the most risky type of investment on the Internet.

HYIP offers a crazy return - from 1 and sometimes to 25% per day. Where does such profitability come from? In most cases, these are financial pyramids that are kept on the incoming cash flow of new “investors”. HYIPs live for a very short time - no more than a year. And usually generally 1-3 a month or a couple of weeks.

The investment programs of modern HYIPs are constructed in such a way that they accumulate capital due to contributions from new project participants. In other words, these are modern financial pyramids. HYIPs pay interest on the deposit, based on the investment plans established at the time the participant enters the project.

The peculiarity is that in such systems the profit is calculated on a daily basis (sometimes hourly, weekly or monthly). The interest rate can range from 0,5% to 25% per day! But, the best and safest option is 1-3% per day, this is 30-90% per month (more than the annual interest in the bank). As a rule, the minimum contribution to the HYIP is from 100 to 1000 rubles.

By bringing all of the above together, we can safely say that HYIP is a gamble!

There are no guarantees and it all depends on your strategy. Cash losses are inevitable, the risks are high, but the gains are very large.

Types of HYIP

HYIP projects can be divided into 3 categories by lifetime:

Fast HYIP - pays huge interest, the percentage of money paid can reach yes 100% per day. A very short period of time works, usually not more than a week. Investing in such projects requires no more than 100 dollars, and if you want to invest a large amount, it is better to split it across multiple accounts.

Average hype - The average life expectancy is slightly more than half a year, the yield of 1-3% per day. I do not advise you to invest more 1000 dollars per account.

Slow HYIP (Long Term HYIP) - This type of HYIP ensures relative stability. Payments are made on average 10-20% per month. Sometimes managers of such HYIPs try to actually benefit from the investment of funds. For example, to invest in PAMM accounts, in stocks, in some developments, and so on, but these are isolated cases. The lifespan of such HYIPs is very long — on average, the 2-3 of the year. It is possible to invest already large sums in slow HYIPs, and to be relatively calm for their safety.

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